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NA-based analyzes (by examining the genetics of the products) require great investment, expertise and labor. All analyzes are carried out in our special laboratory units prepared using cleanroom technology.

GDO; change of genetic material and non-irreversible intervention to different properties.

Although GMO; Although it has started to be used for the purpose of eliminating the problem of, reaching adequate and balanced food e, which has emerged as a continuation of the rapidly increasing population ratio in the world and consequently decreasing agricultural areas, it has been started to be used in the production of suitable quality and high efficiency, unauthorized or legal GMO, which is used contrary to the regulations, causes irreversible deterioration of ecological balance.

Therefore, the determination of unauthorized GMOs by analysis has become critical.

In our laboratory designed according to CleanRoomTechnology, specific analyzes including GMO screening and quantification as well as detection of Orginal detection and Pigs DNA are performed with great precision. It is determined whether the adulthood and imitations are detected in meat and meat products with the detection of tissues of different origin.


Specific topics such as physical examination and controls that require expertise, experience and interpretation, special tra..

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Arsenic, copper, mercury, cadmium, tin, lead, etc., which are transmitted to foodstuffs and feeds mostly from environmental ..

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Analyzes DNA, (by analyzing the manufacturer genetics) wants great investment, expertise and labor.

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With 81 teams in the field is capable of providing support to provinces sampling service, Turkey's food is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and meets food analysis needs accredited by TÜRKAK as the largest laboratories 'continuous improvement' without compromising our principles, it explores for your health and are working .

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