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Sia Analiz Laboratuvarları

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Sia Analiz

Pestisit Laboratuvarları

Acute Toxicological (Six Pack) Tests

Acute Toxicological (Six Pack) Tests required for the licensing of Plant Protection Products are carried out in our Laboratory within the scope of OECD (GLP). These tests are;

Acute Oral Toxicity Test

Acute Dermal Toxicity Test

Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test

Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion Test

Acute Eye Irritation/Corrosion Test

Skin Sensitization Test


Within the scope of OECD (GLP), stability tests are also carried out in our laboratory, as well as physicochemical tests, including 5-batch analysis of the products. Some of the analyzes we have carried out within the scope of GLP are given below;

5 Batch Analysis

Determination of impurity

Active Substance Analysis (GC, HPLC, AAS, GC-MSMS, LC-MSMS, UV/VIS)

Determination of Stability (Shelf Life)

pH Determination

Determination of Viscosity

Density Determination

Melting / Boiling Point Determination

Vapor Pressure

Physical Appearance Tests

Permanent Foaming

Solubility in Water

Flash Point Determination

Parlama Noktası Tayini

Particle Size

Acidity/ Alkalinity



Determination of Wet Sieve

Emulsion Stability

Solution Stability


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