Plant Production Products

Sia Analiz Laboratuvarları

Sia Analysis Laboratories

Plant Production Products

Sia Analysis

Plant Production Products

As Sia Analysis Laboratories, our preparations continue to perform the following tests to be applied in Plant Protection Product groups under GLP conditions for the first time in Turkey.

Verifying the identity of the active substance by determining its content in the formulation Testing of physico-chemical properties,

Stability of plant protection products at specified temperatures, and storage stability in the shelf life of formulated products,

Impurity profile and technical equivalence checks, including five-batch analysis,

Verification of residue, toxicology studies, mutagenic studies and risk assessment methods in ecotoxicology used to support regulatory requirements,

Residue analyzes, toxicology studies, mutagenic studies and verification of risk assessment methods in ecotoxicology studies, performed to support the requirements in regulatory studies,


In addition, we are currently carrying out residue studies in both food and feed, required for the registration of Plant Protection Products.