About Us



In the light of science, to be a pioneering food control laboratory that respects nature and people and serves a sustainable future for our country and our world.


To provide accurate, reliable and impartial testing service without sacrificing our quality. To ensure the continuity of research and development studies in line with scientific and technological developments with a modern and modern management approach.

Sia Analiz Laboratuvarları


Sia Analysis Laboratories brings together young scientists working in the field of science and the technology with experienced leaders of our country, contributes to scientific studies with domestic capital and native employment, and aims to represent our country successfully in the international arena.
Sia Analysis Laboratories, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, accredited by TÜRKAK in line with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025, and taking international standards as its guide, has been providing solutions to the industry for food and feed analysis since 2016.

SIA Analysis Laboratories, which started operating in Edirne in 2016,
in 2018, with the opening of Bornova laboratory, the scope of its authorization has been expanded,
High-polarity pesticides, acidic herbicides and dithiocarbamate group, including pesticides 850 active ingredients, pesticides library, at work, including the Pyrrolizidine alkaloids /Tropane Alkaloids, in Turkey broke grounds for many times in Turkey.
On this road we set out with the motto “We are Searching for Our Health”,

we continue our studies in the light of international standards, with our expert team and superior technology device infrastructure,
Because, we highly value ‘’HUMAN’’, ‘’ECOSYSTEM’’ and ‘’OUR FUTURE’’.