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Our Toxicology Laboratory

Our toxicology laboratory within the Sia Analysis Laboratories, provides services within the scope of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and parameters such as room temperatures, humidity and air quality, are monitored and recorded for 24 hours with the latest technology automation systems and sensors in our rooms.

Acute Toxicity

Acute toxicity studies evaluate the adverse effects that occur after oral, dermal or inhalation administration of a substance in a single dose or for periods of less than 24 hours and in multiple doses.

As Sia Analysis Laboratory; we are in a position to provide acute toxicity studies and provide accurate data to our customers to make informed decisions regarding accidental human exposure, by means of extensive application routes, test methods and species selection.

All studies are carried out according to global regulatory guidelines such as OECD.

Acute toxicity studies provide information on the dangerous properties of a test item and allow classification of chemicals according to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

The toxicology facilities of Sia Analysis Laboratories are authorized to conduct experimental animal exposure studies within the scope of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Six-Pack Toxicology Studies

Battery of tests, evaluating acute systemic toxicity (respiratory, oral, dermal, eye); often referred to as “Six-Pack”.

Sia Analysis Laboratories offers “six-pack” toxicology tests consisting of in vivo acute toxicology testing, together with in vitro toxicology studies designed to meet regulatory requirements for acute toxicity testing.

These tests provide information about the health hazards that can result from short-term exposure to a test substance by different routes of administration.

Acute toxicity studies:

  • Oral Toxicity
  • Dermal Toxicity
  • Respiratory Toxicity
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Dermal Irritation
  • Eye Irritation

Our Experiences

As Sia Analysis Laboratories, it is our mission to employ the most experienced and talented minds in the industry, who are flexible and responsive to work closely with our customers, find solutions and meet your needs. Our years of experience with regard to complex general toxicology studies and our ability to respond to unexpected problems, offers a process where you can obtain solid and regulatory data and follow your registration process and move forward.